Unless otherwise noted, panels will be moderated by Andy Im.  Topics and panelists are subject to change.  


AM: The Adventist Worldview

  • Panelists: Humberto Rasi, David Williams, Sebastien Braxton, Anthony Bosman, Clinton Wahlen
    • The Adventist worldview
    • The justification of apologetics
    • What is Adventists’ contribution to apologetics?
    • Why do we need to be distinct?


PM: Adventist / Barna Study / Culture

  • Panelists: Nina Lim, Sebastien Braxton, Michel Lee, David Williams, Justin Kim
    • Adventist Millennials vs. Barna
    • Should we be distinct from culture?
    • The relationship between secular culture and Adventism



AM: Adventism, Activism, & Politics

  • Panelists: Michel Lee, Adam Ramdin, Humberto Rasi, Junie Joseph, David Williams
    • Should Adventists engage in social activism?
    • How political should we get?
    • Adventism’s role in politics and society

PM: God the Evangelist

  • Panelists: John Bradshaw, Michel Lee, Adam Ramdin, Clinton Wahlen, Berenice Cheng
    • Adventism & evangelism
    • Dated methods?
    • Need for innovation?



AM: God Under Attack

  • Panelists: Clinton Wahlen, Anthony Bosman, John Bradshaw, John Baldwin, Adam Ramdin
    • OT God vs. NT God
    • God & Evil (theodicy)
    • The character of God
    • Society’s view of God


PM: Faith & Science

  • Panelists: Anthony Bosman, John Baldwin, Humberto Rasi, John Bradshaw & others.

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